Scientists are Developing a Cryptocurrency That Can Compete with Bitcoin


Researchers from several leading American universities are working on creating a cryptocurrency that can make a real competition to Bitcoin. Specialists plan to develop their own network for the coin, which is characterized by the speed of financial transactions and many other features.


This work is carried out by professionals from such well-known educational institutions, as the MIT and Stanford University. They are assisted by experts from lesser-known educational institutions. The scientists want to create a fundamentally new type of tokens, characterized by the highest degree of protection. In addition, the speed of transactions in the network must be so high that it will be convenient for companies and individuals to make transactions.

The research is carried out thanks to the investments of Distributed Technology Research. It is expected that the new coin will be called Unit-e. The service will be capable of conducting up to 10 thousand financial operations per second. For comparison, the average figure for this in Bitcoin is only 2 thousand operations.

The researchers claim that their development will lead to a breakthrough for the blockchain. Meanwhile, Stellar is integrated in Grayscale Management.


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