In 2018, UK Investors Invested More Than 200 Million Pounds in Cryptocurrencies


Another cryptocurrency record for the UK was set in 2018. In particular, we are talking about investments. The companies have invested more than 200 million pounds in local crypto startups. This became known from a study by Pitchbook and London&Partners.

The largest number of investments was attracted by the Bitfury project. In the first round, it received 61 million pounds. The flow of funding was continuous, even Brexit didn’t interrupt it. The representative of Wales in the European Parliament Kay Swinburn said that the UK, and especially London, will continue to invest in the crypto industry. Blockchain technology is of great interest on the Islands.

This thesis was confirmed by Deputy Minister of economy Rajesh Agarwal. The official said that the current financial flows are directed towards a certain territory. The amount of investments indicates an increase in the importance of London as a region in which there are significant opportunities for technology development.

In spite of the prolonged bearish trend, organizations are not abandoning bitcoin. In this context, the UK stands out more than others. Local policy is aimed at integrating technologies that contribute to business development.

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