Grayscale Management Integrates an Investment Tool Developed by Stellar


Grayscale Management has announced its intention to integrate the Stellar Lumens Trust tool, created using the Stellar blockchain (XLM), at the site.


Stellar is a special kind of blockchain that was made purposefully to improve the fintech industry. Experts consider this company the only real competitor to Ripple in the digital asset market, since the service provides similar opportunities for transfers.

Grayscale project manager Michael Sonnenstein said that such proposals will help investors who invest in traditional projects to move closer to the blockchain. The specialist believes in the prospects of Stellar and thinks that the company is fully capable of becoming one of the leaders in making cross-border transfers. He said that US banks can store large sums in European and Asian financial institutions, so a service that will provide quick access to the funds is badly needed. This is what Stellar can become.

As of December 2018, Grayscale Management managed about 200 thousand bitcoins, which is 1% of all cryptocurrency units in circulation.


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