Diar: in 2018, Investors Have Implemented a Record Number of Transactions with Cryptocurrencies


In 2018, a record number of transactions were made by investors. The representatives of the company Diar said that transactions with digital assets continue to gain momentum because of the new security systems that attract large companies worried about the safety of data.

2018: from records to falls

Analysts note that the number of the transactions is about 15 percent higher than in 2017. In addition, their amounts also gradually began to increase due to attracting large investments to the market. Many sites have also introduced a certain minimum for corporate clients, filtering scam projects and other fraudulent organizations.

“This year, the activity of exchange users is likely to decrease, and we will see a much smaller number of transactions. At the same time, analysts believe in another TTM, but it is difficult to predict because of the constant fluctuations. If it happens, it is worth waiting for the growth on all fronts, ” Diar analysts said.

Traders have been aggressively selling bitcoin since last June when it began to show a negative trend. Due to the fact that the coin reached a minimum of 12 months, transactions with it began to occur more often, but with small amounts. Altcoins also began to gain popularity with the use in government and corporate accounts.


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