Samsung Crypto Wallet: Is It Rumor or Reality?

Samsung crypto wallet

2019 is supposed to bring a lot of things, but is a Samsung crypto wallet one of them? Maybe. According to reports, the company recently filed a UK trademark for a crypto wallet. 


Samsung Crypto Wallet: Rumor or Reality?

On December 27th, the UK Intellectual Property Office published a filing. It details how Samsung, a South Korean electronics behemoth, has applied for a UK trademark for a crypto wallet. For those who don’t know (and according to blockgeeks.com) a cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores both public and private keys. It also allows users to send and receive virtual currencies.

According to various reports, the company—if approved—would use the trademark to develop computer software for a Samsung crypto wallet. The application still has examination status. While the remaining details are unknown, this potential move by Samsung seems reasonable. Moving forward, the cryptocurrency industry will need more innovation if it wants to maintain the reputation established in 2017. And if smartphones start operating crypto features, that will likely be the next big thing to happen.

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Not the First Time

Samsung has dabbled in the blockchain and crypto industry before. Last month, the company filed three separate trademark applications in the EU. They were for crypto and blockchain-based software.

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It’s Up to Samsung

The published UK filing makes it seem as if this is a done deal. But Samsung has recently denied the rumors of having a crypto wallet in their next smartphone model, so, at the end of the day, all we can do is wait for an official announcement.

The Takeaway

How would you feel if a Samsung crypto wallet were to be rolled out in 2019? Do you think it’s a smart move for smartphone operators to dip their feet in the waters of cryptocurrency? Or, do you think it could cost them in the long-run?

Let us know what you think in the comments below! And don’t forget to stay updated with this story. 

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