Dark Overlord: Hacker Group Demands Bitcoin or 9/11 “Truth” Comes Out

Hacker Group

Oh dear. Another hacker group is looking for payment in Bitcoin, this time by the name of The Dark Overlord.

No doubt this news will exacerbate those ill feelings towards cryptocurrencies as the medium for illegal business and under-the-table payments. What’s happening here? Let’s have a look.

Hacker Group Demands Bitcoin Payment

An online hacker group called The Dark Overlord has threatened to leak thousands of “secret” documents stolen from insurers and government agencies. These documents purportedly tell the “real truth” about the 9/11 attacks.

The group is threatening to release the data unless they receive Bitcoin payment.


You’d have to be hiding under a rock to be unaware of the myriad of conspiracy theories that already surround one of history’s most notorious dates. (I am sure there are many out there who are hoping that the hackers won’t be paid and the encryption keys released)

9/11 has been shrouded in mystery since its occurrence. There has been little transparency surrounding the incident, and many questions have been left unanswered.

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The Dark Overlord tweeted:

We’ll be providing many answers about 9/11 conspiracies through our 18,000 secret documents leak.

The group has already published a “teaser” that names law firms and gives out email addresses. It also mentions the Transport Security Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration, with promises of more to come.

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Those targeted are expected to pay an unspecified Bitcoin ransom. If they don’t pay up, the group claims “we’re going to bury you with this.

The Dark Overlord

The Dark Overlord is a “professional adversarial threat group” that has struck many times before.

The hacker group has previously hacked Netflix—releasing an entire new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ last year. It has also hacked a number of plastic surgery clinics with threats to reveal customer identities. It has reportedly hacked over 50 businesses thus far, selling back the stolen data for a fee.

Now the group has released a link to a 10GB encrypted archive of documents that reportedly detail the truth about 9/11. If their demands are not met, the hacker group promises to release the encryption keys.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price is on the rise today. Starting 2019 with a bang, BTC is selling for $3,900 USD and is up over 4% on the day.

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